List of Articles

These articles can be read in any order unlike the lessons. Some articles may need to be read before others (such as ‘buying your first guitar’). I recommend you read all of them to get an idea of things you need to think about in relation to guitar playing.

The first step in learning guitar

Finding the right teacher: Music school or Private tutor

Gadgets and Gizmos for guitarists: Iphone Apps

Buying your first guitar: Tips and issues to consider

7 crucial steps to learning and improving your guitar playing

Staying motivated and dedicated when learning guitar

How to get the most out of your practice sessions

My experience with buzzing guitar noise and dodgy repair shops

Can you teach guitar?

Articles on Tempo Music Cards by Aaron

NOTE: There are so many articles now available on the Tempo Music Cards website that it’s just easier if you check out the list of Articles here.


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