2 comments on “What lessons do you want me to write to help you out?

  1. I want to lean alternative rock/pop songs for example “The Only Exception” by Paramore. I also like their band and I already know the first verse in simple notes (no chords yet) I’ve been playing the guitar for about 3 months and is already oretty ok ( played for a year long ago) also I would like to make my own songs too… I hope you can help thanks!!

    • Hi Sophia, thanks for your comment. Have you looked up the tab for that song on ultimate-guitar yet? If not here’s a good version of it: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/p/paramore/the_only_exception_ver7_tab.htm

      For a song like this is you have trouble with the chord shapes what you could do instead is simply play them as power chords. To do this, you only play the lower three notes out of every chord. Then as you gradually improve you can add the extra notes in and play the full chords.

      That’s great that you want to write your own songs. What type of music are you looking at writing? The first step is to listen to songs similar to the style you want to write. Learn to play the songs then look at how the song is structured. Do this with a few songs and you will start to notice similarities between them. Then you can start playing around with chord progressions and try to come up with very basic songs. I’ll look at writing a lesson or two on songwriting to explain this process. Let me know what your goals are with songwriting so I can make note of them to cover in my lessons.

      Good luck,

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