4 comments on “How Ear Training can make you a better guitarist

  1. Hey great post,

    Yeah you’re right. As a guitar teacher I find myself getting frustrated with kids that almost refuse to use their ears. SOLFEG is great, I always find the most effective method is listening for the beat of the out of phase string, keeps it interesting and not so musical for 5 minutes while they focus on that.

    Have you tried that?

    • Hi Blair,
      Thanks for the comment. I’ve found the same thing – that students tend to be put off by terms such as ‘ear training’ and they rather just read the Guitar TAB. Once they realize what the skill can do for them it’s a different story!
      I try to incorporate ear training in my lessons as much as possible in subtle ways. Even asking the student to tune the guitar without any reference pitch or tuner can yield fantastic results when they learn to ‘memorize’ certain pitches.

  2. Hey nice post. I thought this brought up a great point. Guitarists in general tend to be less “well-rounded” than other musicians (at least in my experience). It amazes me how many guitarists don’t know the notes on the fretboard as well as they should. In order to be a good musician you have to be well rounded and ear training is an important part of that.

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