One comment on “Scams that guitarists should know about

  1. I know of few ways how people cheat here in Europe. Whenever you buy from a second hand you have to be very careful. Here are few examples:

    1. If you buy from Ebay-like sites, be careful as sellers pretty much like to ‘hide’ everything that might be wrong with a guitar, and they love to write it’s condition ‘as new’. if you order before trying you might well end with either a cheap copy guitar or even broken one, like with fixed neck or a very unplayable one from all the use.

    2. A pretty big phenomenon here is (even some guitarists do that): 1.) to buy a very cheap guitar, then upgrade it and sell it for triple price because it is “better than original guitar”. While it’s still the same cheap guitar, just with new pickups, tuners, possibly electronics, and stuff. Does it deserve triple price? Maybe, but it’s still the same cheap wood and shape anyway. And you can’t know if that owner modified that guitar good enough for the price. If selling online, those tend to be listed like very good guitars, or even new, or unused sometimes, you never know. 2.) They also like to buy a Chinese copy from some famous guitar and then upgrade it and list it as “fender” or “like new fender” or “sounds like real fender” etc, while it reality it’s a very cheap guitar for like $80, just modified. It’s a most common method for selling secondhand guitars here. Maybe in some cases you can get allot from the guitar that is upgraded. But sometimes you end up with a cheap crap with minor adjustments so that price can be higher.

    3. Sellers love to set their price higher for the guitars for whatever reasons, and if you’re not careful and you don’t check what the price is for that model in stores, you may end up with a used guitar for much higher price.

    4. If you’re a seller and sell stuff on Ebay or website like that, or even through advertisement in a newspaper, NEVER send your guitar before the payment is received. Never through an option to “pay on delivery”. There are many cases where the thing is received without a payment. With stores you can’t do that, because you can’t take the thing home unless you pay, even if it’s “pay on receipt”. But when seller is not a store… there were a lot of cases when there was no payment months after the thing was received. Just a reminder for online sellers. NEVER ship your stuff until the money is received. It’s for your own good.

    This is what I know and that’s why I don’t like to buy from portals like Ebay, or any local “Ebay-like” , but only from certified music stores. Even when buying secondhand from a friend you have to be careful, as many like to “offer” you their newest “gear piece” they’re selling which is almost unused, etc, and then they sell you modified cheap guitar. No need for Ebay, they give you one when you meet them live. That’s why you should always try a guitar first, or if not, at least buy it from the real music store that is known as a certified dealer for certain brands. This way you know you got the “real deal” not a Chinese copy, even if you order online. But never buy secondhand without trying. As you may loose a lot of money for something cheap which you could modify yourself if you wanted.

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