11 comments on “Learning to play basic open chords: Part 3

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  3. aaron sir….i find your lessons helpful…i have started learning guitar from last 20 days…i can play all the open chords and the barre chords….but i am finding problems in changing from barre chords to open chords like Fm to E….and many more….please help on that…

    • Hi Vineet,

      It is very hard to change between chords when you are first starting. I recommend that you start off practicing the open chords first and only when you can play those with ease move on to barre chords.

      As I explain in these lessons, pick two chords, then slowly strum four of the first chord and then change to the other chord. It takes some time for your fingers to remember where to go so don’t get frustrated. Just take your time and make sure the chord sounds right before you change to the next one. Make sure you check out my videos to see where to place your fingers.

      Does that help? What specific problems are you having? Buzzing noises? muted notes?

      Practice chords like Em and and D first and then move on to harder ones. I would leave Fm and all the barre chords to last.


      • i’ll take note of that….thanks for your help…will be hoping to consult you more in the future….

  4. hello sir

    i have been using this type of chords for a while in playin songs like

    poets of fall- carnival of rust


    but i don’t know the name of the chord….

    please can you tell me what is its name??…

    and when i hold down this chord

    i mute the B string with my ring finger (i hold G string from my ring finger)….

    please would you suggest a correct method to hold down this chord…

    • Hi Vineet,

      Thats a nice sounding chord. It is called G6. If you can, try not to mute the B string because the chord will sound better when it rings out. You will notice that the fourth fret on the G string is the same note as the open B string.

      I would play the chord using these fingers:

      G–4 Second finger (middle)
      D–5 Fourth finger (pinky)
      A–5 Third finger (ring)
      E–3 First finger (index)

      If you have trouble playing that chord, here is another way of playing the same chord:


      It sounds almost the same ( it is still a G6 chord), but much easier to play.

      Let me know how it goes!


  5. oops m sorry….i mute the B string with my middle finger…(i hold G string from my middle finger)….any correct placement of fingers for this chord??…

  6. sir,

    while you play this G6 chord


    can you please tell me that …

    1) what is your position of thumb in the neck of the guitar( pinching low,pinching in the middle,pinching the neck higher than middle position or is it placed above the neck)

    2) and how much do you arch your middle finger to press the G string…(are you pressing the G string ‘straight’ through your finger ,arching the finger a little or arching a bit more)

    i think arching bit more would mute the B string…

    sir please help !!!…..

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