5 comments on “Staying motivated and dedicated when learning guitar

  1. Hi i visit through your blog and i found it very useful for me to learn guitar by staying motivated. The points that you have mentioned in your blog is perfect for the learner. Thankyou

    • excellent, I intend to play my guitar and all of your advice really helped me hang in there. by the
      way disappointed. no one responded to my blog about finger position with chords.

  2. the principle is the same for everything in general not only guitar….u need to stick with it ..u will have it…if u really want it;)

  3. I started with my teacher 2 months ago. I went in only knowing cowboy chords and was sure I could never barre. But I told myself that I would remain optimistic and point to any mistake as “an opportunity for improvement”. My positive attitude has really helped. I am now learning a new intermediate fingerstyle song each week and can’t put the guitar down (and yes, my barring is getting good).

    Learning new material is challenging, but I am now having fun with a new trick. I will use a stopwatch to see how fast I play through the entire piece. Then I go over a few spots that present the most opportunity, or memorize a measure. Then I play the whole thing again and time it. The time always goes down. It’s a fun way to see improvement and stay motivated.

    The way the mind builds pathways between your memories is fascinating to read about, and gives me a perspective on how important it is to keep at it and stay positive.

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