2 comments on “7 crucial steps to learning and improving your guitar playing

  1. I am an older woman (63) always wanted to play the piano have 4 grandkids all very musically
    inclined. olders grandson teaching me how to play the electric guitar (fender Strat.) problem.
    no arthritis, but having trouble moving 3rd and pinky finger to learn chords. any suggestions.

    • That’s quite a common problem with most beginners regardless of age. Almost everybody has trouble with the pinky and it takes a lot of practice to learn to move it independently. Have you tried the finger exercise from this lesson: https://aaronmatthies.wordpress.com/2009/03/13/simple-guitar-exercises-for-beginners/?
      I use that exercise with my students and after a while everybody manages to learn to move their third and fourth fingers with ease. It will take some time and at first it will seem like you won’t be making progress, but if you persist it will gradually become easier.
      Try that exercise for a while and let me know how you go.
      Good luck!

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