26 comments on “Simple songs for beginners to practice on guitar

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  4. Sir,
    I am a beginner and starting learning from your well made blog.I would like to know what speed should we learn at considering i am putting in close to 5-6 hrs a day.I would also like to point out that the Jingle bells tabulature appears to be having an extra 1 in the sequence of ones when compared to the video.
    Thanks you,

    • Hi Nitin,
      If you practice that often you should be learning at a fast pace, but I cannot say how fast because everybody is different. Try to focus on playing everything perfect rather than how fast you are learning. If you try to learn too fast you may develop bad habits.
      I checked the Jingle bells tab and video and didn’t notice any difference?
      I hope my lessons have helped you out!
      All the best,

  5. Hi there Aaron.
    You are very professional and thorough.
    Thank you for your generosity!
    I’m in a financial crunch and can’t take guitar lessons at the moment, but your blog and youtube videos have helped out immensley. I look forward to coming home from work to go directly to your lessons. Thanks, again.
    Los Angeles, California

  6. hi,
    i am a beginner and this was the second day i’ve played. i learned 4 chords and two of these simple songs; mary had a little lamb and twinkle little star. I really appreciate this website thank you.
    i hope to learn more!
    akron, ohio

  7. Hey aaron I just started yesterday and I know the G chord the C chord and the D chord already and I want to learn a song but I don’t know how to change to the different note fast what should I do to help me do that

    • Hi Martha, it will take a little while before you can quickly change between chords. I’ve written a couple of lessons that explain the easiest way to develop this skill. Have a look at the other lessons here. Start off by playing four of each chord slowly then changing to the next chord. Repeat this over and over until it starts to feel easy. Then practice the same thing along with a metronome. The metronome will force you to play in time. Then you can gradually increase the tempo of the metronome. As you do this your fingers will ‘learn’ the chord positions and will be able to move into the positions faster. It’s a slow process but if you stick with it you will eventually be able to instantly change between chords. Good luck!

  8. Hi,
    I have been playing gutar for a year now but stoped about 9 months ago for family reasons. I have tryed to start again but I am having lots of trouble with changing from chords I never used to have this problem is there a reason for this??

    • Hi Ellie,
      Don’t stress about it – a lot of people find that their abilities drop back after having a long break. You may find that you have trouble playing things you could easily play before. The best thing to do now would be to start back at the basics and relearn everything. You’ll find that once you get started you will pick up everything you previously learned so it won’t take long. With your chord changes, start by practicing the easiest two chords you know then work your way to harder chords.
      Here’s a couple of lessons on practicing chords to refresh your memory: http://www.tempomusicards.com/lessons/10-steps/ & http://www.tempomusicards.com/lessons/learn-and-memorize-chords-faster/
      If you have any specific trouble when changing between chords, let me know and I’ll try to help you out.
      Good luck,

  9. Nice!! very helpful i tried to find good songs with no chords because in only 9 years old and this its my 2 year playing guitar and so far i know pretty much all-of the notes but not very many chords.

  10. Hi Aaron, you have a great blog that is helpful, as i am trying to learn guitar. I have a question though, how can i stop the string from playing once i lift my finger off the fret? When i finish playing a note and lift my finger off, it rings as if i had tapped it, if you get what I’m saying. Any suggestion would be great, thanks!

    • Hi Anthony, that’s a common problem for beginners. You have two basic ways to keep the string quiet after you lift your finger off. The first is to use your fretting hand to mute the string. Depending on what you’re playing you can use a different finger to lightly touch the string to prevent it ringing out or you could use the finger you just used to lightly touch the string.
      The other option which is more common is to use the picking hand to mute the string. Some people use the pick to touch the string to mute it while other people use a finger. So string after you play the note you would use a finger (or palm) from your fretting hand to lightly touch the string.
      For beginners it can be a bit overwhelming to think about this and play at the same time so don’t worry too much about it at first. You will naturally learn to keep string noise quiet over time.
      Hope that helps!

  11. hey Aaron my little brother is learing how to play guitar is there like any other easy songs he could learn other than these three ?
    elizabeth fl.

  12. hi. i am new on learning guitar about a month, what time it will take to learn it??????

    • Hi Rashish, how long it takes to learn these songs depends on how often you practice and how well you practice. There is no easy answer as everybody learns at a different pace. I recommend you practice every day for 15-30 minutes. Focus on one song at a time and it won’t take long. If you have trouble with these songs, check out the exercises in the other lessons on this site.
      Good luck!

    • The rate your local teachers charge depend on your area. I can’t suggest a range as I don’t know what country or area you are in. The best way to find out is to search online for teachers in your area. Good luck

  13. Thank you Aaron for your generous posts on learning to play guitar. I have spent only about an hour learning the two songs via tablature and it has made it very easy and a lot more entertaining than practicing simple finger exercises all the time. I look forward to studying any other lessons you provide throughout your site!

  14. Hello Aaron! Amazing blog! Just I learned how to play the guitar three years ago and I want to start again. The problem is i can’t read the notes any more I don’t know what note is on the staff for example I don’t know where note F goes on the staff! Can you help? Thanks!!!

    • Hi Sophia, glad to hear you’re finding the lessons and articles useful. When learning guitar there are two ways you can read music – standard notation, or guitar TAB (tablature). Standard notation is the dots on the staff it sounds like you learned in the past. While you can definitely re-learn how to read standard notation, it will take you quite a while as you need to learn what each dot means and where those exact notes are on the guitar.
      The alternative is to learn how to read guitar TAB. Guitarists are lucky because guitar TAB is incredibly simple to learn. Here’s a short introduction to guitar TAB so you can see how easy it is to get started: https://aaronmatthies.wordpress.com/2009/03/12/how-to-read-guitar-tabs-or-tablature/
      The benefit to learning guitar TAB is that there are literally tens of thousands of guitar TABs for songs available online. So after you learn how to read guitar TAB, you can visit a site such as ultimate-guitar.com and search for any song you want to learn. I recommend you learn how to read standard notation in the future, but right now you will learn faster and easier with guitar TAB.
      Good luck!

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