4 comments on “How to hold the guitar and pick

  1. Hi. This is sagar from India. I am a beginner in guitar. I found your posts very motivating and positive. I want to be a very good guitarist. I love music very much and believe that i have some natural understanding of music although i havn’t learnt music. of course that doesn’t mean that i know many things. I doesn’t know any technical things about music or guitar. Like any other student i am finding my finger movements difficult. When i try to strike a string by placing my finger on a particular fret, i either end up in placing my finger away from fret or in pressing the string with less pressure. I have just started learning guitar and have currently learnt C Major and G Major scale…My teacher has introduced me with natural notes.. A,A#,B,C,C# and so on in our first session. Then he taught me C & G major…..He has told me to do finger exercise. Is it a right start for a beginner?I have gone through your lessons and found extremely useful…..hey are really good. I particularly liked the way you motivate students. Really good.

    • Hi Sagar,
      Starting your learning with simple finger exercises is a great way to learn because the exercises help you develop your control over your fingers. Learning scales is very useful but they only become useful once you learn how to use them in your playing. I would recommend learning basic techniques such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, bends etc. then start learning basic songs. You can always go back to learning scales later on but for a beginner the scales aren’t very exciting to play. Check out the other lessons on this site and keep practicing, it’s worth spending the effort now as you will enjoy it later on.

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